Go! Stock! Go! employs a cartoon-like "Dr. Seuss" style as it becomes

the first truly user friendly book on stock and finance.



Buy for your kids and read for yourself

Learn in a fun and easy format

Stop gambling and make the market work for you

"I strongly believe that Go! Stock! Go! will become the single best purchase you can

make towards educating yourself and your children about the patient dynamics required for success in the stock market.  I will be purchasing 10 copies as a perfect 'stocking stuffer' and gift for the Holiday Season!"

Kendra Johnson, ESQ. -- Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA


"One is never too young to learn about the

value of money.  Teaching children how to

understand and take control of their finances can be a daunting task.  That is why Go! Stock! Go! becomes so appropriate!"


Barry Henry Meyer

Father of Three & Real Estate Developer


"Go! Stock! Go! is a great introduction on how the stock market works.  The first part is an entertaining introduction and is written in simpler language for kids; the second part has more detailed information for older children and their parents.  This book is quite readable and nicely illustrated!"


Susan Mashiyama

Writer & Editor

Yale University Graduate


"Go! Stock! Go! is terrific.  It simply explains what seems confusing and makes it understandable.  I have purchased several copies for my kids to read as well.  I plan to pass this book on to the School Board so they can introduce this material for all the schools in our area.


Christine Gottfredson

'BOOKTALK with Chris'

Dallas, TEXAS


Bennett Zimmerman is a businessman-author who believes that the disciplines of business offer ways to measure 'top-line' improvements in the quality of human, economic, and political rights throughout the world.  Zimmerman has worked for BMG Music, the strategy consulting firm of Bain & Company, and studied at Harvard Business School, Dartmouth College and Newcomb School -- a Long Beach, California institution he credits for top education in American politics.  In 1994, he opened Israel Emerging Growth Fund, L.P., a hi-tech investment fund.



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